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Pioneering a new era in Bangladesh’s financial landscape, National Bank Ltd emerged as the country’s premier private bank upon its establishment in 1983, with the guiding hand of the Akbar Khan family as its foundational force. Today, the bank’s influence resonates through a vast network of 221 branches and 31 sub-branches, strategically positioned to serve the diverse financial needs of its clientele. Focused on the foundational pillars of capital adequacy, asset quality, management prudence, earnings sustainability, and liquidity resilience, National Bank Ltd’s approach encompasses the holistic spectrum of banking essentials. The accolades earned by the bank, including the prestigious Crest in 1999 and 2000, and a Certificate of Appreciation in 2001 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, stand as a testament to its unwavering commitment to financial excellence. Moreover, the establishment of the National Bank Foundation in 1989 further solidifies the institution’s dedication to social welfare, a testament to its holistic role in nurturing financial progress and societal betterment in Bangladesh.


Established in 1985, National Credit & Commerce Bank (NCCB) in Bangladesh stands as a testament to the visionary foresight of the Akbar Khan family, who played a pivotal role in its inception. With a resolute aim to galvanize internal resources and channel them strategically, the bank embarked on a mission to invigorate the nation’s industrial and trade sectors, while also catalyzing the evolution of the capital market. This multifaceted approach not only positioned NCCB as a financial institution but as a driving force behind the nation’s economic growth. Presently, NCCB’s influence is manifest across a sprawling network of 125 branches strategically dispersed throughout Bangladesh, showcasing its commitment to accessibility and comprehensive financial services that empower businesses and individuals alike.

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