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Founded in 2017, Empire Abrasive has emerged as a pioneering force in the industrial landscape of Bangladesh. Distinguished by its unique stature, Empire Abrasive proudly stands as the sole manufacturer of industrial abrasives within the country. Operating within the expansive realm of the abrasive industry, a vital subset of the manufacturing sector, our company undertakes the production of abrasive materials that find wide-ranging applications encompassing grinding, polishing, cutting, and sanding. These abrasive materials, characterized by their capacity to erode or eliminate undesired matter from surfaces, epitomize the marriage of science and practicality.


In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, Empire Abrasive’s products have carved a noteworthy niche within the national construction arena. Our contributions extend beyond construction sites, as we have solidified a valuable partnership with the esteemed Bangladesh Navy. This alliance speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and reliability, as our products are entrusted to meet the stringent demands of maritime operations. This symbiotic relationship highlights our dedication to supporting the backbone of various industries, underscoring Empire Abrasive role in fostering infrastructural growth and strengthening the core of national defense.


From shaping urban landscapes to fortifying naval endeavors, Empire Abrasive’s journey is one marked by innovation, dedication, and a resolute commitment to enhancing efficiency across diverse sectors. As we continue to push the boundaries of abrasive manufacturing in Bangladesh, we take pride in our role as a catalyst for progress and excellence in the industrial sphere.


Inaugurated in the year 2000, Empire Glass & Coating stands as a cornerstone within the dynamic landscape of the manufacturing industry. Operating at the convergence of elegance and innovation, our company has made an indelible mark as a purveyor of exceptional glass and coating solutions. The glass and coating sector, a critical branch of manufacturing, encompasses the intricate processes of producing and refining glass materials, coupled with the art of applying specialized coatings to elevate their properties. This synergy between craftsmanship and advanced technology empowers us to deliver products that not only adorn but also enhance functionality.


Within the broad canvas of industries, Empire Glass & Coating’s offerings have found their way into diverse sectors. From contributing to the architectural marvels that grace urban skylines to imparting a touch of sophistication to interiors, our glass and coating solutions play a pivotal role in the construction domain. The depth of our commitment is evident in our nationwide reach, ensuring that our products seamlessly integrate into projects spanning the length and breadth of the country. As we continue to illuminate structures and spaces, we reflect our dedication to excellence, craftsmanship, and the art of harmonizing aesthetic beauty with utilitarian value.

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