Amar Phonebook


“Established in 2013, Amar Phonebook Ltd. is a complete business directory service providing its listing through a multiple platform such as customer care, Website & Mobile app. Amar Phonebook provide users information through classified listings on a host of categories such as restaurants, malls, ATMs, and movie halls. Amar Phonebook is Bangladesh’s no.1 local search destination. It provides comprehensive updated information on all the B2B and B2C products & services. This unique local search service will be available on Phone, Web, WAP and SMS.

For the customers, we fulfill the need for information, although the scope of this information is unlimited, and we try to provide information on any and all services and products the customer might need. The clients also get promotion in areas which might otherwise be outside their physical radius of promotion. Customers save time, and find a multitude of options with ease, enabling them to get the best prices and ease of access to services and goods /customers.

It basically provides a one stop shop for all the customer’s needs, and provides them with value and much more time on their hands, while taking away the frustration normally associated with searching for any goods and services, and bridges the customer-client gap. Customers are able to make a well informed choice in a matter of minutes, thus exercising the freedom of choice which makes them feel in control.”

Heera Jewellers

heeraHEERA JEWELLERS – a name which stands as a hall mark of trust and exemplary customer service in the field of gold jewelry business. This is not just a slogan but a firm belief of the founder himself Mr. Ali Akbar Khan.

A lot has changed since its inception in 1965, but the philosophy of 50 years has remained the same; to create the highest quality sterling gold designed jewelry to meet the customer’s lifestyle at home, in the office, or out on the town.

With an amount of countless pieces of jewelry sold to date, heera jewellers is one of the leading brands of best kept secrets in the gold jewelry business. The phenomenal successes of this brand have been driven by a group of highly trained and ingenious staffs including craftsmen, who are also dedicated to preserve the tradition.

HEERA JEWELLERS believe that whether you’ve been a longtime fan of it or just recently discovering, you will surely find the perfect piece of gold jewelry for any occasion.

Heera Glass and Coating Industries


Capable of handling large volumes of work for all size projects – HEERA GLASS AND COATING INDUSTRIES ensures that each step of the process is carried out to a specification, designed to achieve customer requirements. HEERA GLASS AND COATING INDUSTRIES understands the expectations of proper handling, proper preparation and precise coating application, as well as the requirements of supplying a high quality product with a superior finish.

Established in 2000, we pride ourselves as we have a team, sensitive to the individual demands of project deadlines and dedicate our efforts to keeping the customers updated with our progress throughout the process. We are confident about our ability to work within time frames, with timely and effective turnaround.

Our highest priority is to provide quality workmanship, coating techniques, and coating knowledge to better serve our customers. At HEERA GLASS AND COATING INDUSTRIES, We promise to work with and in all of the probable areas to satisfy our customers.

Empire Glass


Empire glass has been servicing its customers since 2012. Today Empire glass has manufacturing and distribution facilities that can be stretched to meet its customer’s expectations.

Over the years, Empire Glass has forged a name for itself synonymous with quality, service and integrity. Empire Group is looking ahead of the industry by using new technologies that will meet even tomorrow’s marketplace. Its constant growing spirit is taking glass manufacturing to a higher level

Empire Glass has an excellent system for producing basin and LED light glass in a nonstop environment. The capabilities that have been built into the process allow operations to have maximum flexibility to produce many different sizes of glass that required for the residential market

Empire Glass understands that longevity doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, but with its strong commitment to its customers, it always strives to assure quality in each facet of its business. By combining the equipment, the most talented people, the newest technology with our tried-and-true business practices, Empire Glass has propelled itself to the front of the pack.

Empire Group is proud to offer a superior product with exceptional service at an affordable price.

Empire Express


Founded in 2013, Empire express has become one of the promising logistics management service providers; Head office in Dhaka, Empire Express provides dependable outsourced logistics solutions.

With one of the fastest growing staffs of logistics professionals in the industry, we deliver best in class service to each of our customers. Empire Express ensures that every move is optimized and tendered at the lowest cost; meeting service requirements while providing increased visibility through tracking, administration and reporting. We provide the right solution for your business, adapting to your specific needs and requirements.

The value of human dignity is one of the cornerstones of Empire Express’s operating philosophy. We value long-term relationships – with business partners, customers, suppliers.

Wherever you go, you will find Empire Express striving for excellence in everything. everything Empire Express does, driven by a sense of urgency and a desire to meet all their customers’ every service need. That combination of promises with the efficiency we provide is our corporate signature.

Quality, Capacity, Flexibility, Empire Express provides everything your business needs to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing transportation environment.

Century Cold Storage


Century cold storage has serviced the cold storage distribution in Bangladesh for over 20 years. Century cold storage is located at comilla, thriving commercial district dominated by master-planned farming areas.

Our cold storage service is one of the leading cold storage services offering temperature-controlled warehousing, refrigerated transport and distribution services to a broad range of business. Extraordinary levels of service and excellent equipment standards were the key underpinnings to the success of the business in the early years, and were the seeds what we are now.

At the heart of the company today, there is a team of experts upholding the values and principles, ensures the customer satisfaction and fetches the glory for itself.

Empire Developments


Empire developments started its journey very recently under the prestigious name of empire group; carrying with it the same values, principles and visions. Empire Developments aims to strengthen that prestige and respect that is associated with the name Empire Group. We believe in absolute quality, superiority and integration of state of the art technologies in our buildings. Empire developments strive to achieve perfection through putting its clients above all. The comfort and convenience of customers is foremost on the list of priorities for us.

We recognize the needs of customers in accordance with today’s living concepts, and thus offer the most modern technologies, eyes catching design and decoration and absolute comfort at the most competitive price possible. Our residents are guaranteed complete safety and are provided with numerous in house facilities. We also ensure a spacious, healthy and eco-friendly living environment by excluding almost 55% of total land area for gardening and beautification purpose.

All our projects are approved by RAJUK, under the new FAR rules. We use only the best quality and highest grade raw materials for our construction and the most modern and tasteful fixtures and fittings to enhance living standards. At Empire Developments we set high goals for ourselves and use all possible means to satisfy our customers and keep alive the name of Empire Group.

Empire Abrasive Industries Ltd


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